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salesservice.png   Drone Sales & Service

Your Bane-Welker Precision Farming Specialist is now your go-to guy for all of your drone needs and questions! We carry DJI, Lockheed and Sentera drones. Whichever drone you choose, the sensor is the most important part.  The Sentera sensors we carry are capable of RGB, NDVI, NIR, Live 4K video, and 18MP with 10X optical zoom. (Capabilities vary depending on the sensor you choose). Click here to view our complete Drone Solutions. 

cropscouting.png   Crop Scouting

Have you ever wondered what's going on in your field? Sure it looks good from the road or the areas you've walked, but what about the rest? Aerial imagery from our drone (A Sentera Omni named AVI8R) equipped with an NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) sensor can accurately estimate the yield of a crop and also help you determine where your problem areas (weeds, pests, flooding, nutrient deficiency, planter malfunctions) are and how to best address them.  Instead of spraying 50 acres, you may discover that you only need to spray 5. Don't think this is just for corn and soybeans! We can survey all crops, vineyards, orchards, etc. 


Crop scouting Cost/Acre: $1..00/acre


*100 Acre minimum + trip charge. 90 Day notice needed for locations close to an airport. Please call to check your location. 


customflight.png   Custom Flights

Are you looking for something other than crop scouting? Ask us about a custom flight! We can shoot videos of your property, for personal or professional use (real estate, auction, insurance claims, etc.). The possibilites are endless! Custom flights are $300 + trip charge per 25 minutes.  Not sure what all we can do with our drone? Just ask! We're open to all inquiries. 

meetyourpilot.png   Meet Our Pilots

Our drone, (AVI8R) is piloted by Matt Jahnke and Stacy Stewart.  Matt and Stacy have their FAA Certified Remote Pilot's license. Matt and Stacy are excited to be flying the Sentera Omni drone (AVI8R) for Bane-Welker.      

tablet.png   AgVault Pro Yearly Subscription

AgVault Pro is a desktop and mobile image & data management platform that will unlock your aerial color, NIR and NDVI data. To learn more about AgVault and it's capabilities, watch this video! AgVault overview. The mobile version of AgVault™ is available as an app for both Android and IOS devices.  AgVault™ Mobile is what you will use to autonomously fly your DJI drone. AgVault™ Mobile will not only automatically sync with your desktop, but will help you fly more efficiently with its battery swap feature. After changing a battery during your planned flight, your drone will return to where it left off before resuming.  

If you're ready to sign up for AgVault just contact your Bane-Welker Precision Farming Specialist. For more information about AgVault™ Desktop or AgVault™ Mobile you can download the flyers here: AgVault™ Desktop Flyer or AgVault™ Mobile Flyer